It is very crucial to track the most important metrics on Instagram for growing your engaged following and grow your account on Instagram. With over one billion daily active users on Instagram, the platform remains one of the biggest social media communication when it comes to the business and brandings. But like any other social media network, you do not have to use Instagram for seeing results and track performance.  Whether you evaluate influencers’ Instagram account or track the analytics of your own account, the things mentioned below are the very important things to measure your Instagram account success.


 Conclusion: a very large number of followers count for your Instagram profile to add a brand and business credibility and ego boost. But it would not say much about your efforts for Instagram and your marketing campaign’s health. Your followers’ growth rate is on the other side, will give you great tips of your brand is expanding its reach and catching the attention of new peoples. When coming to evaluate Instagram’s performance, your actual number of followers will be more important than others.  Your growth rate was 20%; if you started with 500 followers on your account and then in a month you get a new 100 followers for your Instagram account, is very excellent. Then if you started a month with 6000 followers and got a new 60 followers on that month, then your Instagram account followers’ growth rate will be around one percentage only. The above metrics are indicating that your marketing strategy on Instagram is very stagnating; it will take more time to make a new strategy. Seventy percent of the posts on Instagram are not seen as incredible. Make sure that your posts are seen, to getting more engagement, because the Instagram platform updates its algorithm constantly. 


Track your follower’s engagement will help you monitor how much the audience is interested in your content, whether videos or photos. These metrics on Instagram are very important, especially if you evaluating the campaign or a partnership with any other Instagram influencers.  Buying instagram impressions is the very important thing for getting more impression for your conttent. You do not need to pay for the post, which is sponsored on a no engagement Instagram account. You have to compare the number of audiences with the number of comments and number of likes your posts having. You can calculate the engagement metrics of your posts on a weekly basis or monthly basis. Then do not try to evaluate the engagement metrics based on a daily basis. Try to count the total number of likes and comments that you have during a certain period of time. Then divide that comments number and likes number by your followers count. Instagram will also help you to drive more traffic to your business website or brand’s website, like any other social media network platform and social media channels. But only verified users can add the website links on your Instagram. The verified users have a lot of advantages to drive more engagement and traffic to the website.