How To Gain Maximum Engagement On IGTV- 4 Tricks That Must Try

Instagram introduces a new feature called Instagram TV, which is popularly known as IGTV. One of the biggest advantages of IGTV is, it allows the user to upload the video for up to one hour. You all know that videos have become trending content on all social media. Did you know? The video makes up one-third of the online activity. This shows video content is more crucial on social media. Luckily, you have the IGTV platform, which is the best video sharing platform. Using this platform, you can publish high-quality and engaging videos. 

Just dive into the world of IGTV to enjoy lots of benefits. You can connect with your current and potential followers, build good relationships with them. Moreover, it helps to grow your Instagram profile, IGTV will take it to the next level. Generating engagement is an essential factor in enhancing your IGTV. 

Here I come up with a few powerful tactics to increase engagement on your IGTV channel.

The Quality Matters

Quality matters when it comes to videos; ensure your video has good quality. Your video must have impressive starts. The first 15 seconds are most important; it only influences your audience to click and watch the rest of the video. Just put exciting content in the first minute; it will pull your audience to engage with your video. Remember, the video’s start can be funny, simple, straightforward, and it must attract your audience to watch the entire video. You can use tools to customize your thumbnail or cover image. Use a qualified phone or camera to get a clear picture. 

Fix Your Video Length 

Of course, you can shoot your video for up to 1 hour, but it’s up to you to fix your video length. Remember, the minimum length must be 15 seconds. The research study shows that most of the audience likes to engage with short videos than lengthy ones. Posting short videos will bring lots of engagement rates. Moreover, you can try Snaphappen IGTV comments to gain audience attention. Also, it helps to increase your audience interaction. So, try to create short videos. You can also check how long your audience is engaged with your videos. Depending on your audience capability, you can fix your video length. 

Add Values To Your Content 

By sharing informative details, useful stuff, you can gain more engagement rates. It is important to upload different kinds of content right. If you are an expert in any field, share your knowledge/skill with your audience. Analyse your audience’s needs, problems, and create content that satisfies your audience’s needs. If you spot any useful or effective info, share it with your audience. Also, you can share tips on any topic which you find beneficial for your audience. Keep in mind, if you post valuable content, sure your audience will like to engage more. 

Spend Time For Entertainment  

You need to spend time on entertainment also, right. Creating Q&A sessions, sharing your live events, jokes, dancing videos, and trying something like that will help entertain your audience. You can post content on audience choice; just ask for content suggestions and ideas with your audience. Once you collected the content ideas, plan them and post them one by one. Even you can create a series and regularly post your content on audience choice. 

Wrapping It Up

Do check your Instagram insight to monitor your performance on IGTV. By checking insights will help you to find specific metrics. With that data, you can improve your content strategies according to your audience. Keep in mind, consistency and quality are essential to generate engagement. All these tips will assist you in maximizing your engagement rate on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.