Using Hashtags On TikTok- A Quick Guide

We all know that hundreds and thousands of videos are uploaded to TikTok daily. Simply creating and uploading videos is not sufficient to gain visibility on TikTok. Including  appropriate hashtags while posting content is what is required to get your content viral in a short time. Instead of adding hashtags just on the go, you need to research and frame a solid strategy for using hashtags along with your TikTok videos. Besides making use of trending hashtags, you can indeed buy likes on TikTok to draw more audience towards your profile. Now let’s see in detail how to use hashtags on TikTok to gain maximum engagement and become famous.

TikTok Hashtag Strategy in 2022

Having or following a hashtags strategy refers to a calculated way of using hashtags that will probably help your content reach a wider target audience. This is accomplished by defining your business goals and objectives like:

Who are your target audience?

How do you expect them to respond on watching your videos?  (Like, share or follow)

Do you want more exposure or just want to increase your target audience?

By the time you have an answer ready for all these questions, you will arrive at a perfect hashtag strategy to use while posting videos to TikTok.

TikTok Hashtag Strategy To Boost Content 

Spot Relevant Hashtags

Head on to the TikTok accounts of creators and your competitors to spy which hashtags they’ve included for their videos which have become popular so far. Another way to find hashtags is to use a hashtag generator and find appropriate hashtags.

Use popular and medium competitive hashtags

Making use of popular hashtags has both upsides and downsides. While the upside is lot of people search using the popular hashtags, heavy competition is a major downside. You can tackle this situation by adding medium or less competitive hashtags for your videos irrespective of niche that you belong to. Starting from a smaller hashtag, you can use larger and high competitive hashtags for tour content. There are several brands that achieved success by using a combination of  niche hashtags, branded hashtags of less and high competition.

Follow TikTok Trends & Use Current Hashtags

Keep in mind that some hashtags that are trending are also seasonal. For example, #merrychristmas is popular in December while it is totally inappropriate to use it in February. Hence make it a habit to use hashtags that are current. 

Go For Branded Hashtag Challenges

Unlike other social media platforms, developing and using your own branded hashtags matters a lot to increase brand reach on TikTok.  Launch a hashtag challenge to encourage users to create their content and tag it with your branded hashtag. Hashtags challenges can get you excellent results as most users would love to create content and inspire each other.

More Hashtags

TikTok allows you to add hashtags in the captions section which is limited to 100 characters. Obviously, you need to keep your caption short and must ensure to use the right hashtags that fit the recommended length and fall in the right context as well. Also note that there is no limit on the number of hashtags that one must use as per TikTok guidelines.The minimum number of characters that a hashtag can comprise of is three and no maximum limit. No worries if you have plenty of relevant hashtags all of which are a perfect fit to add to your content. You can add them in the comments section beneath your video.


Using hashtags with the right plan can take your business a long way on TikTok. All you need is patience and a little consistent though process to make your brand popular with hashtags.